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About us


Our Mission

Gigs4Charity was set up to promote charitable events and to raise general awareness of charities and the possibilities for charitable giving. Gigs4Charity has applied for charitable status and is not affiliated to any other charity.

Our aim is to encourage people to have fun whilst helping others.


Our Vision


The Justification

Currently more than 40% of social services in the UK - eg shelter for the homeless, addiction treatment services, etc - are run by charities. Without charitable donations there would be £580 million less to spend on cancer research. Giving to charity enables individuals to effect real change and helps build social cohesion.

According to a three-year governmental campaign - The Giving Campaign (GC) - only 2/3 of adults contribute to charity each year and the poorest fifth give on average 3% of their household expenditure while the richest 20% give only 0.7%.

According to the Giving Campaign the key to meeting the goal is to encourage the better-off to donate at a level commensurate to their incomes and wealth. The GC suggests a benchmark of 1.5% of income on average with the percentage for the better-off increasing and for the poorer decreasing.

At present the proportion of people under 30 engaging with charities is continuing on a 20-year decline.

According to governmental research, 4.3% of the population have attended a charity event and this income provides 6% of the total amount given, whereas for street collections the corresponding figures are 18.8% of the population and only 3.6% of the total amount given. Our belief is that an increase in attendance at charity events will have more of an impact on the total revenue received by charities than other fundraising methods.