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Accessibility and this website


While we have taken care to make this website as accessible as possible we are aware that there is always more that might be done. If you have any suggestions for improving this aspect of this website please contact the site designers here.


Text size


This site uses JavaScript to set a cookie to allow the size of the text to be increased or decreased. The controls for this are on every page just after the navigation. All font sizes on the site are set in percentages to allow text to be resized using the usual controls.


Access keys


Access keys have been assigned to the main navigation elements for the site as follows:

Access key 1: The home page for the site

Access key 2: The event listings page

Access key 3: The about us page

Access key 4: The contact us page

Access key 5: The useful links page

Access key 6: The register for alerts page

Access key 7: The charity of the month page

Access key 8: The past events page

Access key 9: If there is an email link on a page to this site or its authors it will have this key assigned to it

Access key 0: This page

Access keys a, b and c: Set text size


W3C and Web Accessibilty Initiative


The html and css on this page and others on the site pass automatic validation.

This page and others on the site pass automatic validation to Priority level 3.