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Useful links

Art Aid

ARTAID promotes and sells the work of Artists, whilst raising funds for participating Charities. The aim is to create a symbiotic relationship between Artists and Charities, one supporting the other to their mutual benefit.

Association of Charitable Associations

ACF is the leading membership association for grant-making charities in the UK

Beauty and the Breast

Body Art Calendar 2007, sold in aid of Cancerbackup

Charity Portal

A searchable online database. The database lists 2260 charities (as at 20 August)

Ethical Threads


One website – every charity. The first place to look for comprehensive information about every charity - from the largest national charity to the thousands of small charities that are active in every community.

The Musician’s Benevolent Fund

The MBF is the music business's own charity - the largest in the UK, helping around 1,500 people of any age and in any area of the music business who are in need as a result of illness, accident or other misfortune. Each case is treated individually and in the strictest of confidence

Music In Prisons

The Irene Taylor Trust runs creative music projects as part of the education and rehabilitation of offenders. Since 1995 the Trust has run over 80 creative music based projects.

Music Therapy Charity

The Music Therapy Charity was founded in 1969 to support Music Therapists in the UK. Its principal function is to raise money to fund the research which is intrinsic to the development and refinement of the growing body of knowledge used by the profession. It was presided over for more than 20 years by the late Lord Menuhin, OM KBE. Sir Neville Marriner CBE has been president since 2000.

The Prince’s Trust

The Prince’s Trust offer practical solutions to change young lives


Reprieve is a UK charity that fights for the lives of people facing the death penalty and other human rights violations.

RSI Action

  The national RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) charity which campaigns to

 • facilitate the prevention of the conditions known collectively as Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) in the UK.
 • facilitate the relief of sickness, hardship and distress amongst those suffering within the UK from RSI conditions.

Scarlet Mist

Ethical Gig and Festival Ticket Exchange for the UK and Ireland. Enables users to buy and sell tickets at face value for a small donation to selected charities.


Tribute produces global media campaigns harnessing the power of entertainment for good causes.